Johanna Fuxe

Johanna Fuxe

Hi, my name is Johanna Fuxe and I’m a performance manager of Gottlieb | Hertzman performance management.

Phone: +46 73 513 82 20
LinkedIn: Visit me on LinkedIn

About Johanna 

  • Licensed psychotherapist
  • Rehab counselor
  • Certified philosophical practitioner
  • Business developer

Strengths: Down to earth, non-pathologizing, and with a genuine interest in the uniqueness of each client.

Loves: The feeling of an open weekend, sleeping in, cook for someone special, reading, traveling, unwinding and excitement

Unknowns: Moving with my family to California for three years made me appreciate the awe and empowerment of taking a leap in life.

Background in short: Licensed psychotherapist and founder/owner of a private practice, with experience from CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), and ST (Schema Therapy). Experienced in coaching both individuals, groups and companies, focusing on making the most of each and everyone’s resources. Builder of team development, enhancing work-life-balance and coaching work related issues.

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