Jesper Odelius

Jesper Odelius

Hi, my name is Jesper Odelius and I’m a performance manager of Gottlieb | Hertzman performance management.

Phone: +46 723 50 01 68
LinkedIn: Visit me on LinkedIn

About Jesper

  • Corporate identity
  • Marketing professional
  • Branding expert
  • Design specialist
  • Futurist

Strengths: Courage, leadership, business acumen

Loves: Art, books, communication, culture, change

Unknowns: Author of sci-fi literature

Background in short: Jesper is a researcher of shifting media landscapes and an advocate of synergistic ecosystems merging humans and machines toward new outcomes. He is a corporate identity expert and marketer. Marketing professional bringing innovation and managerial practices, creating value in the internet economy, with a focus on the elements of design and the evolution of contextual intelligence as a tactic for customer-centric landscaping.

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