Fredrik Hertzman

Fredrik Hertzman

Hi, my name is Fredrik Hertzman and I am the co-founder and a performance manager of Gottlieb | Hertzman performance management.

Phone: +46 70 445 17 48
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About Fredrik 

  • Performance & Management coach
  • Business developer
  • Culture creator
  • Author
  • Artist

Strengths: Humor, social intelligence, kindness, spirituality, creativity.

Loves: Spontaneity, laughing, painting and being outside the box.

Unknowns: Knows everything about AC/DC

Background in short: Lawyer, international banking, startups in corporate health and coaching/mentoring.

I am a true generalist — a visionary who enjoys taking the holistic approach, continuously striving to find new ways of improving performance. My interests lies in people, individually and collectively, and my drive is to achieve awesome results. I don’t like losing… and I’m poor with micro stuff (hate micromanagement). Despite that, I’m a lawyer by education which goes to show what o dose of ambition and curiosity can do.

I have 10+ years of experiences in international banking, mainly as managing people and change in business and IT. Since 2016 I have been working as a business advisor, professional coach and mentor, as well as in start-ups (business and health).

During my career I have always explored the ´new ways of things´, gradually understanding that change is only as good as one’s level of awareness. Based on that — realizing what makes great results — my mission is to drive new ways of thinking (bigger) in management.

My clients grade an average increase in their level of performance to 200 %. Mostly due to my ability to inspire and refresh the awareness of ’the playing field’.

Make sure to check out our mission, it is really important for us!

Fredrik’s business background

  • Gottlieb | Hertzman performance management: Founder and Performance manager
  • Hertzman & Co: Founder and CEO, Performance coach & mentor
  • iOpinion: COO startup in corporate health
  • Unestål Mental Training: Advisor
  • Author of the book ”Tillbaka till fabriksinställning” (Back to factory reset)
  • Nordea Bank, Sweden, Denmark and Luxemburg, Management positions in Markets and Asset Management
  • Certified ICC Coach
  • Master of Law