Camilla Storbjörk Westin

Camilla Storbjörk Westin

Hi, my name is Camilla Storbjörk Westin and I’m a performance manager of Gottlieb | Hertzman performance management.

Phone: +46 73 829 43 04
LinkedIn: Visit me on LinkedIn

About Camilla

  • Performance, Business & Management coach
  • Business developer
  • Partnership, coaching, mentorship
  • Sustainability
  • Finance

Strengths: Curious, honest, social, business drive with a people and company growth mind-set

Loves: Sustainable solutions and having fun with family and friends

Unknowns: Dancing Queen

Background in short: Experience from financial partnership within banking and finance, from different sectors and different sizes of corporates.

The last couple of years focusing and finding a greater meaning and purpose in helping trough business coaching and mentorship.

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