A performance story that could be yours!

Niclas Gottlieb and Fredrik Hertzman

Say that you are a CEO of a company with about 50-200 MSEK in turnover and you were just brave enough to sign up for our performance management As a Service.

Wow first of all, great that you are so openminded and are willing to try us out! We just love that and promise to be your very best companion on this performance trip that we will do together.

Where do we start?

We always start with a performance review, where we figure out where you are today and where you want to be in the future. What is working and what needs improving. Then we will carefully analyze and prioritize everything and put together a performance plan for the coming 6-12 months. Of course, it will also show your current employee productivity index so we can track your progress together. This will usually be done in a week, so we are ready to execute right away.

Performance review, analyze, prioritize, plan and execute!

Say that the performance review comes up with an employee productivity index of 106. Wow that is good, but the really good thing is that it can be much better! The performance review also shows a strong need for clarifying your company’s identity (mission, vision and purpose). People need to understand why you as a company exist and what they as employees brings to the table. We also realize that there are many stories out there, but not one that is really good when describing your company. So, we need to work on the storytelling and your elevator pitch too.

A common wish from both management and the employees are a stronger “we-feeling”, a great culture, maybe even to be able to call us something specific (maybe something like Cyberians if we were called CyberTech) which will make us really proud of ourselves and our company. Employees also tells us that they would love to learn more, feel more appreciated and be able to grow within the company. They say that their bosses are really good, but also dare to say that they would love to have a really inspiring management.

Clarify the company’s mission, vision and purpose and create a stronger “we-feeling” and a great culture

The management crew wish they had more time to figure out what will give them the edge towards their competitors in the future. Is it a new business model, digitalization, new ways of distribution, a new line of products or maybe even a completely new set of markets and customers?

Wow again, things are really good, but there is also a lot of things that can be really great! Well, we cannot do everything at the same time so let’s analyze, prioritize and set a performance plan both for the short run and the long run. Let us also gather all the Cyberians and involve them in the plan and how we want them onboard with creating an awesome company and inspiring employees. OK, so there is plenty to do, but we have our performance plan and are ready to get going.

How do we do it?

First of all, we need to set up your own team of insourced performance specialists. They have all the specialty skills you need to keep you on track with your performance plan and reach your performance goals on time. They will serve you over time and after a while you will call them your own. And that is perfectly fine with us. Of course, one of us will also be your special servant and one point of contact. Read more about our team of specialists on our website.

Your own team of insourced performance specialists have all the specialty skills you need to keep you on track with your performance plan and reach your performance goals on time.

Now you got your own team of performance specialists and it’s time to put them to work. Our unique As a Service business modell will give you a high quality and long-term improvement in your performance and potential.


Our specialists will work with some of your people to set the identity (mission, vision and purpose) for your company. We will create a story and an elevator pitch that will take you to new heights. That will take some time and is a great start. Once we have done that and have communicated everything to the rest of Cyberians, then we start with the next thing. Maybe setting the new culture, helping the management being more inspired, exploring new business models etc.

What we do

Performance, leadership and health

Is all about the direction of the people in the company and how to maximize their performance and potential. Our specialists will take on the Cyberians and develop them so they can shine in the way they want and should. Maybe we should get a performance coach to your office twice a month so they can book their own slot of 20 minutes performance coaching? And/or is it sales coaching, a psychologist, mental coach? You name it, we’ll get it

At the same time, we start doing some workshops around culture and how to create the best ever workplace in the history. That will be great input when starting on the culture thing! Why not also start developing the future leadership among your employees and start growing the future leaders.

We also know that great health is a prerequisite for personal and organizational performance. Stress and other health related problems are the new endemic disease and can cost huge piles of money and personal suffering. So, let us avoid that! Why don’t we organize weekly runs with our running coach or get them an hour in the popup outdoor gym with our personal trainer? Are the workstations up to speed with ergonomic and is the working environment fit for productive employees? All this on work time of course!

We got many things up the sleeve to transform your employees to become loyal beyond reason. Read more about what we offer on our website.

As a Service

Performance management really is an ongoing thing and cannot be fixed with a pill or as a one-off. Things will change, situations will arise and your needs will develop over time. That is why we do it As a Service! The longer we stay together, the better you will get to know (y)our performance team. And the better they will get to know your business and your employees and your unique set of potential. This will lead to a more precise service, which will minimize the cost and maximize the result for you. You will only pay for the effective hours used and you will always keep the full result of them. As well as you keep the full glory of transforming your company and your employees to becoming inspirational and inspired. Read more about As a Service on our website.

Performance management an ongoing thing and that's why we do it as a service.

Wow… that’s great, but can we do even more?

OK, we already got a lot of good things going, but why stop at that when much more are included in the price? So, on top of the above we will also do the following (or just call it free icing on the cake).


With our On-call service, our performance specialists will always be ready to help you on the fly when something new happens and you wonder how to deal with it. We are just a phone call away, but your devoted partner for ever. Free of charge of course. Well, you are paying us a monthly fee and we just love to over deliver.

Accelerator Club

The Accelerator Club brings you input to the latest news and studies into the field of creativity, performance, potential, health, business, and development. The Accelerator Club initiates breakfast and lunch seminars as well as after work events with interesting speakers. As a bonus, the club offers you great connections and networking opportunities with other members. It’s only for our customers and it is totally free of charge, or already paid for depending on how you wish to see it.

Follow up meetings

We will never leave you on this trip to performance glory and we will make sure we always stay on the right path. Since things will change over time, so will we, to facilitate the most bang for the buck’s journey going ahead. Twice a year we will sit down with you and evaluate our service looking back. We will follow up your employee productivity index and other stats about your and our performance. But more importantly we will look ahead to see what new possibilities or threats there are in the path for the coming six months. And then we will adjust the team, the service, the size of the package or whatever necessary to achieve your company being inspirational and your employees being inspired for another six months. Do we need to say that this also is free of charge? OK, we will do it: Yes, it is!

Performance hours

Ok, every As a Service includes the value of a certain number of discounted performance hours to use for our performance specialists or performance actions. These discounted hours are prepaid every month and is the currency you use when we facilitate your performance journey. Except for the things free of charge mentioned above of course. Some months will be slow, and all hours will not be used. No worries, we will forward those hours to the next month. Some months will be busy, and the hours will be consumed, like Champagne on New Year’s Eve! No worries again! Either we can slow the down the work and save some for the next month. Or you can buy more hours to temporarily cover the extra work. We will always aim to have the right number of hours in your As a Service over time, which is the most cost effective (cheap when it comes to money, not the service) for you.

Is As a Service like a cookie or a great wine? … or maybe both including a nice cup of coffee?

We could say that As a Service is like a great wine that only gets better over the years to come. But the best thing is that you can continue enjoying it along the way. You know, like eating the cookie and keeping it at the same time. PS/ Of course, we also serve non-alcohol and gluten-free cookie alternatives too, that taste and smell exactly the same. Cheers!

If you want to know more about performance management As a Service, please contact us via our website.

We love to serve you!

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